Could It Be My Thyroid??


Many new patients at Health+Plus will mention they are suspicious they have thyroid problems, but when their doctor has it tested - results come back normal.

It is true that most doctors do not check a patient’s thyroid very thoroughly. If they do only the ‘standard’ testing and follow the ‘average’ guidelines, it is easy to miss a thyroid problem.


For example, most doctors never test for thyroid antibodies (signs that the body is attacking the thyroid, which happens in Hashimoto’s or Graves disease), or for Reverse T3 (which, when over-produced by the thyroid, produces symptoms).


Here are some physical signs and symptoms that should cause a person to suspect thyroid problems:

  • Fatigue, sluggishness, slow thinking, slow reflexes

  • Constipation, bloated lower belly

  • Cold feet, hands, and/or nose

  • Dry, brittle, or splitting hair; thinning hair

  • Chronic puffiness below the eyes, or of the face in general

  • Bumpy, dry skin on the elbows, backs of the upper arms; dry skin in general

  • Loss of or reduced hair of the outside third of the eyebrows

  • Difficulty losing weight

  • Long history of flat feet

  • Swelling in the lower throat area


*These are not ‘proof’, but the more of these that apply to you - the more likely your thyroid is sluggish.


If you have several of these symptoms and your doctor has said your thyroid is fine, make an appointment to consult with one of the doctors at Health+Plus for a second opinion.