Orthomolecular Nutrient Therapy - IV Infusion


Most Health+Plus patients already know that we sometimes recommend intravenous infusions or injections of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for our patients. This is the most effective way of administering nutritional therapy, because there is 100% absorption of the nutrients. People with all sorts of health issues are improving and recovering from their problems through this type of nutritional therapy.

What some of our patients don’t know is that there are different mixtures of nutrients used for different conditions. The doctors recommend what is best for each individual patient.

‘Chelation’ is one reason for IV nutritional therapy. Chelation is focused on removing toxins from the body as well as improving circulation. Various nutrients, including vitamin C, glutathione [a natural amino acid], and EDTA [a man-made amino acid], are all strongly effective at removing toxins, such as heavy metals.

An infusion high in the amino acid Arginine helps improve

circulation, improve the flexibility of arteries,helps encourage

the opening of arteries, and helps reduce high blood pressure.

The IV that is most effective for helping with the negative effects

of Stress contains the nutrients that are quickly depleted when

we are under intense or prolonged stress. In addition to high

doses of vitamin C and the B-vitamins, it also contains the

minerals necessary to help offset the damage caused by stress.

The Cardiovascular infusion formula contains nutrients that are

well-documented to help with heart health and circulation.

Glutathione infusions help improve brain and liver function. Research has documented that glutathione is effective in helping conditions such as Parkinson’s, senile dementia, loss of nerve sensations, and liver dysfunctions.

Very high dose Vitamin C infusions have been proven to help support the immune system, and are effective in helping cancer patients. The National Institute of Health, Harvard Medical School, the University of Kansas Medical Center, and other institutions and clinics have all presented studies that prove that vitamin C has a powerful anti-tumor effect. It also reduces the side-effects of radiation and chemotherapy for those who are having conventional medical therapies.

Nutritional therapy given by infusions or injections bypasses the digestive tract so that the nutrients are 100% available to be used by your body. Scientific evidence has demonstrated that a variety of health conditions can be helped by this type nutritional therapy, including chronic yeast problems, poor circulation, chronic fatigue, colitis, asthma, fibromyalgia, migraines, depression, post-surgery recovery, inflammatory arthritis, diabetes, hepatitis, adrenal problems, and on and on. At Health +Plus we use proven, highly-effective nutritional therapy to help people solve all sorts of health conditions.