Typical Fees

  • Initial Exam: Urine testing, overall metabolism, screen for liver, kidney problems, urinary tract infection, evaluate vitamin C level, digital pulse analysis, heart rate variability, lung function, lung capacity, blood pressure in both arms and both legs, EKG , metabolic panel of blood tests, complete-full body examination, eyes, ears, throat, tongue, thyroid, heart, abdomen, prostate (if needed), breast (if needed), female exam(if needed).


Comparison of what is included in our exam and if you were to go to another clinic.

  1. Physical exam w/ consult  -  $465

  2. EKG                                      -  $81

  3. Lung Function Test             -  $102

  4. Urinalysis                            -  $19

  5. Vitamin C test                     -  $106

  6. Max Pulse                           -  $119

  7. Extensive blood panel       -  $521

  8. 8-10 pg report of findings -  $127 

  9. Total                                    -  $1540​

Being Healthy Doesn't Need to Break the Bank!




Typical cost of nutritional IV treatments:

  • Typical Meyers Cocktail IV:  


  • Typical Essentials IV: 


These are typical fees and do not necessarily represent an individuals cost for treatment. Please call to ask any and all questions about cost. 

Depending upon your health condition, specialty tests may be recommended [or you may specifically request them], at an additional charge. Examples include allergy testing, toxic metal screening, screening tests for certain types of cancer, or blood tests to identify specific conditions.

Once you have made the decision to invest in better health, we make it easy to finance that investment.

We offer the financing option of CareCredit, with either NO Interest or Low Interest payment plans. The approval can be done over the internet, and you’ll have your answer quickly. If you’d like to have assistance with the pre-approval process,                          call 816-625-4497.

Most wellness care is not covered by insurance plans. We keep our fees reasonable, and at a fraction of standard medical or hospital costs. We do not accept insurance, nor do we file insurance claims for our patients. Payment is required at the time of service.

You have the freedom to have the wellness care you want and need, when you want it – not what a federal or private insurance company will allow. You are in control.

We accept cash, checks, or major credit cards

At time of service