What to expect from Your Examination?



When you come to Health+Plus, you’ll have a personal consultation with the doctor.  We will listen to your symptoms and concerns, and ask questions about your condition and health history. The extent of your consultation will depend on your individual situation. The exam for a lower back strain, for example, might be fairly simple, whereas the exam for a person with chronic fatigue will be more extensive.


Most people with chronic health problems will have a general physical examination, as well as an extensive panel of laboratory tests, an EKG, lung function testing, and so forth.  


Unlike most physicians, our doctors strongly believe in evaluating the whole person – not only focusing on present symptoms. For that reason, we routinely check people’s heart and circulation, for example, even if their complaint may be arthritis or an ulcer. The body is a whole, and one problem can affect other areas of the body.


The doctors are also strong advocates of wellness exams, meaning that every day they see patients who come for an ‘annual exam’, or want to be checked ‘just because they are 40’, or because a sister found out she has cancer.


  • Your examination for a chronic health condition, or a wellness check-up will include a resting EKG to check for abnormal heart rhythm, possible enlarged heart, or damage to the heart muscle [such as from a heart attack], and helps screen for blockage of coronary arteries.


  • Digital pulse analysis and heart rate variability will be tested, to help evaluate the elasticity of your arteries, potential for arterial blockage, strength of the left ventricle of your heart, as well as how much stress may be adversely affecting your health.


  • Lung function screening is performed, to check your lung capacity, and screen for lung diseases such as emphysema.


  • Past the age of 40? We’ll check your blood pressure in both arms and both legs, to help evaluate your circulation and the status of your arteries.


  • Your exam will include urine testing to help evaluate your overall metabolism, and screen for liver or kidney problems [including checking for urinary tract infection]. We also routinely evaluate your vitamin C level.


  • The metabolic panel of blood tests will evaluate blood sugar, kidney function, essential minerals, liver function, cholesterol & triglycerides, checks for potential anemia, and certain immune system abnormalities.


Depending upon your health condition, specialty tests may be recommended [or you may specifically request them], at an additional charge. Examples include allergy testing, toxic metal screening, screening tests for certain types of cancer, or blood tests to identify specific conditions.


Unlike most clinics, your evaluation at Health+Plus includes an in-person report of findings. You will receive a written report of exam results, a copy of your EKG, and copy of your test results In most instances these will be available to you on the next business day after your exam.

'There is no extra cost for you to come to the office to have the doctor explain your results'