Defining Health Challenges

We treat the 'person' - not just the symptom


People with all sorts of chronic health problems find help at Health+Plus.  Doctors here believe in treating the person instead of the symptom. The goal is to improve or optimize your health – not mask the symptoms you may be having. We combine modern medical diagnostics to discover the causes of your poor health, with advanced non-drug, non-surgical alternative treatment plans to help you regain and maintain good health.          


What is a chronic illness? Doctors label a condition as ‘chronic’ when it has lasted more than four weeks, or when the symptoms keep occurring over and over. Examples of chronic illness include diabetes, hypoglycemia, heart disease, arterial blockage, high blood pressure, obesity, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue.


How do chronic health problems get started? Some chronic health conditions are genetic. Many are caused or aggravated by allergies. Most chronic health problems, though, occur when your body is pushed beyond its ability to adapt. For example, when you don’t make consistently healthy choices in what you eat or drink, your body becomes depleted of certain nutrients, and consumes more toxins than it can handle. Sooner or later, too much fat, too little water, too much artificial flavorings, too many sugars or starches, too few nutrient-rich foods will cause poor health.


It is common to associate the word ‘malnutrition’ with people who are starving – people who look like living skeletons who can barely move - but the word really has a much more broad application. Malnutrition is also another name for ‘chronic nutritional deficiencies’.


Whenever there is too little in a person’s diet of a vitamin, mineral, or other essential nutrients – or when there is too much of certain foods in a person’s diet – it is also defined as ‘malnutrition’. Or if a person’s body is not absorbing nutrients normally, it is also labeled ‘malnutrition’. Whenever there is an imbalance or deficiency or excess of nutrition that prevents the body from functioning normally, and promotes the development of disease, it is called ‘malnutrition’.


Malnutrition can contribute to almost any kind of chronic health problem or disease; and replenishment of nutritional deficiencies can help the body improve almost any sort of health problem or disease. When a person takes necessary nutrients by mouth or intravenously, it provides the tools and building-blocks that the body needs to improve function and to heal itself.


The body has limits. When people’s lungs are exposed to fumes, dust, or smoke over and over again, the body will reach a point at which it can no longer adapt, and some form of chronic illness will occur. Toxins that pollute our air and water can, in time, also cause chronic disease. So can pesticides, herbicides, chemicals in paints and fabrics, and toxins found in medications. 


Stress is also a major cause in the development of chronic health problems – both emotional and mental stresses. Both the body and the mind react to abuses, unjust circumstances, fears of loss, failures, and insults. When a stress or emotional trauma is severe, repeated, or prolonged, the body’s ability to cope and compensate is exhausted, and symptoms will eventually develop.


Symptoms are signs that something is wrong. Symptoms aren’t diseases. And a single symptom can have several possible causes. Conditions or diseases usually have several symptoms clustered together. People come to Health+Plus with all sorts of symptoms, including fatigue, dizziness, numb sensations, painful joints, shortness of breath, aching in the abdomen, insomnia, headache, chest pains, anxiety, and others.


The doctors at Health+Plus have successfully helped people improve conditions such as diabetes, constipation, chronic fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure, heart problems, poor circulation, menstrual difficulties, depression, restless legs, back pain, colitis, anemia, and even some cancers. We use non-drug, non-surgical alternatives to help people improve and regain their health. Our health care team develops a specific treatment program for each person, which is intended to replenish nutritional deficiencies, remove toxins, improve circulation, strengthen immune function, and restore more normal movement so that your body can heal.


Does everyone who seeks treatment at Health+Plus recover full health? Will every disease go into remission? No, of course not. But there is a very high rate of success with helping people feel better and have a longer and more comfortable life. Based on your individual examination findings and lab tests, there will be customized treatment recommendations for you that may include changes in your diet, lifestyle modifications, oral nutritional supplements, physical treatments of one or more type, or intravenous vitamin therapy.


Your body has a remarkable ability to heal itself when it isn’t overburdened with stress, when it has proper nutrition, isn’t overburdened by toxins, when circulation is normal, and so forth. The combination of non-drug, non-surgical protocols he has developed over 35 years of alternative health care practice are usually successful in helping most people enjoy better health.


When our doctors conclude that surgery or prescription medicines are necessary, you will be referred to medical specialists to co-manage your health care.