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Health+Plus is a premier holistic - naturopathic health and wellness center in the Kansas City area, offering a variety of diagnostic services and alternative health care treatments. Whether you're chronically sick and need to restore your health,

you want to customize your wellness,

you want to prevent future illness,

you are in pain and need relief, and/or

want to reduce the effects of the stresses of your life...

Health+Plus has non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical solutions for you! 

What is Naturopathic Medicine? Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care profession, emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal
health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances that encourage individuals’ inherent self-healing process.  The practice of naturopathic medicine includes modern and traditional, scientific, and empirical methods.

At Health+Plus it's all about you. We focus on you and your needs in a friendly and caring way. You're always in charge of your health care. The doctor and staff make time to explain your conditions, the treatments that are recommended, and answer questions so you can understand before you decide on a treatment plan.

We do things a little differently at Health+Plus. The staff are respectful of you and your time. Your doctor will spend time personally explaining your examination and laboratory findings. The doctor makes treatment recommendations, then you decide what approach you want to follow. Laboratory results are usually available the next business day - not two weeks in the future. We give you a copy of your examination findings and your lab results. Our fees are affordable. The atmosphere of the office is casual, and you're treated like an individual - not a case number.


You can choose what types of alternative health care you want. At Health+Plus we promote wellness, and encourage people to strive for optimal health. Some people are interested only in symptom relief. Others are seeking better overall health. Some want to have a specific treatment they have heard about. We're ready to help you feel better, and live better, and we will help you create your own plan for wellness.

Health+Plus has been providing naturopathic health care to patients from all across the country for over 40 years. We have been acclaimed by patients and colleagues for our deep commitment to providing natural alternative health care with gentleness and understanding.

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You guys and gals are such a blessing...thank you xo

- J.W.

5 out of 5 stars


Excellent! Dr. Clark and staff are fantastic! He is a blessing to all who visit.




Staff is professional and friendly as always. So glad to have Health Plus for real health solutions.


Dr Clark does the most thorough exam I have seen in the 28 years of working in healthcare. You get complete lab tests and urine test with a lung function artery and heart tests too. Your tests are back the next day and he actually sits down and explains everything in detail.


106 E 12th Street/PO Box 126

Oak Grove, MO 64075

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106 E 12th Street/PO Box 126

Oak Grove, MO 64075

Phone (816) 625-4497

Fax (816) 690-5900